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- Peachy Bashan, Classic Literature Subscription
- Steph Sutton, Children's Classics Subscription
The eagle has landed and it looks great! Thank you so much! I know he's going to love getting these boxes once a month!
- Jessica Dunlap, Classic Adventure Subscription
Today my mother received her first Coffee and a Classic box, which I had gotten for her as a Mother's Day gift. Typically, my mom, when asked what she would like for her birthday/Christmas/insert holiday here, responds with some variation of "Oh, just anything, don't go to any trouble," etc. Which if you're me, stresses you out even more. However, I am thrilled to let you know she is immeasurably pleased with this gift. She told me over and over how beautiful it is and how much she appreciates the care taken with the selections. So I just wanted to pass her thanks along to you (with my own, of course!) You've tickled us both pink. I will be recommending your site to everyone I know. You're providing a truly wonderful service!
- Hillarie Green, Classic Literature Subscription 
Absolutely love this subscription box, it comes with a book light which I been thinking about getting forever, it came with awesome snacks, and a real cute coffee mug, and coffee I cannot wait to try!! Even the box it came in was cute. I don't write reviews very often, but I had to because the customer service is 110% awesome!! Also, it came with a personalized note and a book I have been wanting to read forever but never got around to reading yet.
- Jenny Plummer, Classic Literature Subscription

Hear from reviewers

Coffee and a Classic Review from Infinite Adventure

How did they know I love Poe?!? Seriously, that book is so huge that it didn’t even fit in the actual subscription box (which was awesome by itself, btw). I honestly can’t even get past the fact that I got such an amazing book this month. The only thing better was all the little things that went along with it. I chuckle every time I use that mug now because who wouldn’t when it says “Poe me a cup”? And while I haven’t tried the coffee yet, I am so excited to because it smells so unique. Oh, and the candle! It’s so cute and smells perfect. I actually looked up the Etsy page that made the candle because I want more if it!

- Michaela, Infinite Adventures
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Coffee and a Classic Review From Hello Subscription

Coffee and a Classic Book Box Review From Hello Subscription
I love love love this box! This was lovely and well curated. Every item fit perfectly with the theme, were nice, enjoyable, and useful (have you seen my new mug? And the bookmark?). I also appreciate that the items were not specifically geared toward woman. Actually, I was able to share everything with my husband, except for the mug. (He wants my brand new mug. Not happening.)

Even though there were no information sheet, I can’t complain about it. Everything is pretty self explanatory with this box. You have a great book, something to snack, something to drink, something to sip from, and bookish goodies. Just by opening the box, I was living an experience, and I couldn’t wait to read the book and really be at the carnival. The best part was while reading the book, I could totally see where each item can into play and how well thought of everything was. Everything was there for a reason, and it was awesome. Little touches like the inside of the mug being red so as to keep the pure white and black circus tent on the outside. The addition of the wax melt tarts. The flavors of the hot cocoa.
- Catherine, Hello Subscription

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