Coffee and a Classic is a result of my love of both reading and coffee.

After several years working in the technology industry working as a project manager for custom website and application development I felt a creative void, so I began to embark on an internal search for "my element."

The book that first inspired me to embark on my creative journey is the highly-recommended The Element by Earnest Clide, which encouraged me to think about the things I really truly enjoy, give me natural energy, and allow me to forget about time and place - just getting lost into the "zone."

Being of the age that often comes with babies, new houses and weddings - and in the effort to practice what I preach - I started creating gift boxes for all of my close friends' life events. Eventually this led to a classic book ending up in a box. 

Ashlee Doherty Coffee and a Classic

Why classic books? 

I have always referred to best-sellers lists and recommendations from friends, mentors and advisors in choosing my next book in the effort to best ensure the time spent will give me the greatest takeaway. 

There is a reason some books are still on the best-sellers list after being published 50+ years ago, there is a classic lesson or far-away place millions have enjoyed and want to continue to share. 

Why something to sip and snack on?

For me I always have a coffee in my hand, a snack in my purse, and am listening to a book on my headphones so when coming up with the concept for Coffee and a Classic it was important for me to include something to savor while reading.

I hope your Coffee and a Classic subscription allows you to find your "zone," to lose a sense of time and place, and to enjoy the experience of reading as much as I do. 

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