Poe Me a Cup of Spooky Tales

It's hard to deny that Edgar Allan Poe's Spooky tales are best for the month of October 

Edgar Allan Poe Themed Coffee and a Classic Book Box

For October the theme was Edgar Allan Poe, and the book was "Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Tales & Poems", a large book that will not disappoint those big book lovers. We had so much fun collecting great Poe themed items for this book box. 

Publishers Summary: 

In Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems fans may indulge in all of Poe's most imaginative short-stories, including The Fall of the House of Usher, The Murders in Rue Morgue, The Tell-Tale Heart, Ligeia and Ms. In a Bottle. His complete early and miscellaneous poetic masterpieces are here also, including The Raven, Ulalume, Annabel Lee, Tamerlane, as well as select reviews and narratives.

Hand-Painted Coffee Mug

Hand-painted Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Coffee Mug by Coffee and a Classic

Nevermore Coffee by Coffee Shop of Horrors 

Coffee Shop of Horrors Nevermore Coffee in Coffee and a Classic Book Box

We were SO excited to find Coffee Shop of Horrors Edgar Allan Poe inspired coffee "Nevermore", not only because it fit so well with our Poe theme but we fell in love with the beautiful artwork. 


"Our Columbian Supremo beans roasted with a traditional, full-bodied amaretto flavor."

Nevermore Bookmark by SazelGifts 

Nevermore Bookmark by SazelGifts in Poe Themed Coffee and a Classic Book Box Subscription

We love this bookmark by SazelGifts inspired by the poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe - a 19th century author of dark romanticism. 


"This book topper bookmark is made from black cardstock with a weight of 300 gsm, meaning it is firm but flexible. The bookmark has a raven shape cut out to extend over the top of the book it is marking a page in so that it looks like the raven is sitting on top of the book that is being read - much like the way it perches above the chamber door in the poem. The word 'Nevermore' is cut out of the body of the bookmark to give a much more unique and tactile experience than standard printed bookmarks."

Poe Inspired Magnet

CaptainsArt Poe Illustration in Coffee and a Classic Book Box Subscription

On our hunt for Poe inspired designs we came across this great Edgar Allan Poe illustration by CaptainsArt.

We were able to use the beautiful design to hand-make Poe inspired wood magnets. 

Checkout the other amazing works from CaptainsArt on their Etsy Shop or Facebook Page!

Nevermore Soy Candle by From The Page 

Nevemore Soy Candle by From The Page in Coffee and a Classic Book Box

The Nevermore Soy Candle Sample Tin by From The Page was perfect for our Poe themed book box and and smelled AMAZING! 


"Bring out your inner Poe with this Nevermore candle! Smells like oakmoss and amber, a deep woodsy and musky scent."

From the Page is one of our favorite bookish candle shops and definitely recommend checking them out. 


Edgar Allen Poe Candy Box by Archie McPhee & Co. in Coffee and a Classic Book Box

The Edgar Allan Poe Candy Book from Archie McPhee & Co. was the perfect snack, and the book shape can even make a nice edition to your bookshelf! 


  • Grape-flavored candy
  • Package looks like book
  • Contains 3.3 oz. of candy wrapped with Poe's face
  • (Buried) alive with flavor

Review from Infinite Adventure

How did they know I love Poe?!? Seriously, that book is so huge that it didn’t even fit in the actual subscription box (which was awesome by itself, btw). I honestly can’t even get past the fact that I got such an amazing book this month. The only thing better was all the little things that went along with it. I chuckle every time I use that mug now because who wouldn’t when it says “Poe me a cup”? And while I haven’t tried the coffee yet, I am so excited to because it smells so unique. Oh, and the candle! It’s so cute and smells perfect. I actually looked up the Etsy page that made the candle because I want more if it!

- Michaela, Infinite Adventures
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