Places I Love to Read: Sunset on the Beach and Under a Tree

It is really starting to feel like summer in Maine.

coffee and a classic places i love to read willard beach south portland maine

The cold chill in the air at night is starting to fade away and thoughts of the beach and sunsets are finally beginning to be a real option, so we decided to start a Places I love to read bucket list for Coffee and a Classic. 

What better way to take advantage of the beautiful Maine coast than to find the perfect reading spot and enjoy the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer". 

First stop is Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine. 

My favorite beach to go to both alone and with a close friend, Willard Beach is a small sand and pebble beach tucked away between Fisherman's Point and the campus of Southern Maine Community College. 

Nestled away in what feels like a little corner of the world, you can see Maine's iconic Bug Light lighthouse in one direction and Spring Point Ledge lighthouse in the other. 

After 5 when the dogs are allowed to take in the pleasure of the ocean and sand, the beach turns into a puppy playground. 

Bucket List Check #1: Reading on the grass under a tree

coffee and a classic places i love to read under a tree

The college's well maintained lawns overlooking the beach are perfect for picking a tree and relaxing in the shade and reading, or even napping, the afternoon away. 

Bucket List Check #2: Reading on the Beach for the Sunset 

coffee and a classic places i love to read beach during sunset

Sitting in the sand watching the sunset in-between reading pages of your most recent book is truly a place I love to read. This was my first time this year feeling sand on my feet and it was glorious. 

Taking in our surroundings... 

willard beach sunset over boats

sunset willard beach

And the sun sets....until next time! 

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